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  1. Posted by ldbuckley10, — Reply

    These cookies SLAPP when I was in 3rd ish grade my mom would always bring these in for different parties for ex. Halloween would be orange ones, Valentine’s Day would be pink ones u get the idea😂😂

  2. Posted by igamer320, — Reply

    bruh I had a really bad nightmare one time and after waking up, I proceeded to eat 3 of those fuckers in around 20 minutes without anything to drink and felt so sick afterwards it took me like 4 hours to start feeling better

  3. Posted by elisiaduran, — Reply

    I’ll have to say they do taste extremely processed almost like plastic yet they were always still somehow...very tasty and satisfying 🧐

  4. Posted by Cillydi, — Reply

    I think it depends where you get them?? I remember choking on like, 74 of these at a time, but just last week I revisited these blessings from the heaven themselves, but only tasted paper

  5. Posted by mimi_hutton, — Reply

    My sister LOVES them, but I honestly agree with the girl. There not that great. I prefer the actual baked cookies, because these ones are like, bland and fake

  6. Posted by queensavage0192, — Reply

    I absolutely HATE and CANNOT STAND icing like to me it’s DISGUSTING but literally when I eat these cookies I could eat the icing on it all day

  7. Posted by bayhartley, — Reply

    Ok to all yall sayin you hate these cookies please keep the comments to yourself unless you say something nice too cause the people who make these cookies prolly work really hard to make them and then u go and criticize them like no that is low shit

  8. Posted by 1have1ssues, — Reply

    I absolutely hate. Like hate. Sugar cookies. And those are the only sugar cookies that I will eat. They are my favorite. They are amazing. Take your shit elsewhere lady.

  9. Posted by pontiaddict68, — Reply

    These cookies could burn for all I care, they are disgusting, worthless, and dry pieces of dirt. Finally someone spoke the truth about these monstrosities.

  10. Posted by nastyorcses, — Reply

    Sometimes, I bite off too much and it gets stuck on the roof of my mouth. I laugh at anything because sugar paired with ADHD is complete insanity, then my pneumonia kicks in and crumbs go everywhere.

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